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Quilt Preparation

Quilt Top

  • DO NOT baste any of the layers together.

  • Trim quilt to final size and remove all excess threads as stray threads will show through, especially on light backgrounds.

  • Ensure all seams are complete and secure. You should stay stitch around your entire quilt to ensure seams do not pull apart if you do not have a border.

  • Square the quilt top and backing. Quilt tops must lay flat on their own. Measure your quilt across the top, center and the bottom. These three measurements should be the same. If not there is a possibility of puckers, wrinkles, or tucks that cannot be quilted out.

  • Quilt top must be clean and free of odors.

  • Quilt top and backing must be completely pressed with all seams flat and in the proper direction.

  • DO NOT sew embellishments such as pins, sequins, couching, and beads onto the quilt top before quilting is completed. 

  • Safety pin a note to the quilt top and backing identifying the top of both.

Quilt Backing and Batting

  • Backing fabric and batting must be 4" larger on all sides (total 8" wider and 8" longer). if your pieced backing is longer than needed, there is no need to trim it down, however, please ensure it is square. All selvage edges should be removed from the fabric as they are woven tighter than the fabric and may cause the fabric to not lay flat.

  • If possible, quilt backing seams that are horizontal rather than vertical are easier to handle during the quilting process.

  • You may provide your own batting or purchase from us. If you provide batting, ensure you provide quality batting such as Hobbs, Quilter's Dream, or Warm.

  • If you pre-washed the fabrics in your quilt top, it is highly recommended you pre-wash your backing fabric also.

Fullness Disclaimer - Fullness and/or puckers within a quilt and its borders cannot be quilted out. We cannot guarantee that puckers and tucks won't be sewn in. in some cases excessive fullness in the borders may result in the quilt corners not being square. The flatter your quilt top lays, the better the finished quilt will be. 

Shipping Checklist

  • Quit top

  • Backing fabric

  • Batting (if you are providing)

  • Binding fabric (if service requested). Please provide 1 yard for binding. We will return unused fabric.

  • Please fill out and include the order form for each quilt, if shipping more than one, in the package.

  • It is recommended you DO NOT mark the package or label with the word "Quilt" to deter from theft, Please give consideration to insuring your package.

  • Place all items in a strong plastic bag and seal before placing in the shipping box. You never know what the weather may hold in store during the shipping process.

  • We recommend you ship your quilt by USPS using the FLAT RATE PRIORITY boxes. This is less expensive than Regular Priority Boxes and we will receive your quilt in 3-4 days. When using CLICK & SHIP by USPS, a medium sized FLATE RATE PRIORITY box can be shipped to us for approximately $12.00 from anywhere in the USA and a tracking number is automatically assigned. These boxes are free at any US Post Office.


Address the box personally to us:

Diana Pixley

1705 Clearbrook Drive

Allen,  TX  75002

If you are paying by charge/credit card:


Please DO NOT send your credit card information!

Against the Grain Notions will e-mail you an itemized invoice with your total along with a secure link to PayPal where you can enter the information for payment. Payment is secure and your personal information is never out of your hands.


If you wish to pay by check, or money order:

We would appreciate including a $40 down payment (minimum quilting service fee) with the quilt. We will e-mail an itemized invoice and you can mail a personal check or money order for the remaining balance.


Once the personal check or PayPal payment has cleared, the quilt will be shipped to you.

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